Frequently Asked Questions

We have a no questions asked lifetime warranty now.  Just ship the rod back intact (Please do not cut up-we refurbish the rods for charities) to the below address along with $75 warranty fee for TI Musky rods and $100 for TI PRO and VI PRO musky rods with your order number. When we get the rod and warranty fee we will ship you back a new rod. If you do not have a shipping tube, you can usually find one for free at a carpet store or hardware store. Just cut the tube down to 1” longer than the rod.  Again, do not cut up-we refurbish the rods for Veterans. This is a USA only warranty but we will take care of you still. If you live outside of the USA then we will still warranty the rod but you will need to pay for return shipping if you live outside of the USA.  Please note, any rods with a shipping length over 8ft will require extra shipping amount and we will send you the total due. Please note, if you are outside of the Midwest in SpeeDee shipping, there is a new FedEx shipping rates for any rods with a shipping length over 8ft. The additional amount to include if you want a rod shipped over 8ft is $110. We can also change your rod out to a telescopic rod with shipping length under 8ft and this would fall under the normal $75 warranty fee which includes shipping your rod back to you.

Please mail it to –

Tackle Industries/Vexan Fishing

796 1St Ave SW

Britt, IA 50423

Additionally, email about your warranty rod. for questions and for shipping related questions.

After your order is placed, please allow about 2 business days (up to 4 during peak holiday times) for your order to ship out. You will receive an email with shipping confirmation and a tracking number. Your item will arrive anywhere between 2 to 5 business days depending on your location.

The answer is easy – ALL OF THEM!  We have spent a lot of time with our Pro Staff creating the perfect rod for every occasion.  So, with that being said,  in every species of rods we offer there are several lengths, actions, backbone, tip sensitivity. It just depends on your need. You can always email us and we can help you decide or answer any questions you may have.

Rattlin’ Wasp - Rattlin' Wasp Trolling & Crankbait lures – VEXAN®

You can also find a select number of our lures on the Precision Trolling Ap