Spring Walleye Jigging Techniques and Lure Presentations using Vexan Rods

Spring Walleye Jigging Techniques and Lure Presentations using Vexan Rods
As winter fades and spring emerges, the call of walleye fishing beckons anglers to the water's edge. With nature awakening and temperatures rising, water flowing, it's time to prepare for thrilling adventures with epic catches and memories shared with friends and family. In this blog, we'll explore a few go to techniques and presentations for spring walleye fishing, while highlighting the Walleye series of Vexan Rods in your pursuit of trophy walleyes. 

Jigging Techniques for Spring Walleye:

  1. Vertical Jigging: Drop your bait straight down and work your lure with subtle up-and-down movements while maintaining bottom contact on the downward movements. Vexan Rods' exceptional sensitivity ensures you feel even the slightest nibble, giving you an edge when targeting finicky spring walleye that are relating to the bottom. The use of braid pared with a fluorocarbon leader increases sensitively.
  1. Snap Jigging: Mimic fleeing baitfish with quick, erratic movements to trigger aggressive strikes. Vexan Rods' lightweight yet powerful design enables precise execution of these rapid movements especially rods with a fast action.
  1. Live Bait Dragging: Maintain contact with the bottom while detecting subtle bites by dragging your live bait along structures. Vexan Rods' robust backbone and sensitivity increase your chances of success in enticing walleye to bite.


Lure Presentations for Spring Walleye:

  1. Crankbaits: Target shallower waters with shallow-running crankbaits such as the Rattlin’ Wasp. Vexan Rods' superior casting accuracy and sensitivity allow precise targeting of submerged structures, rock reefs and weed edges where walleye tend to be located.
  1. Crawler Harnesses: Present nightcrawlers behind a bottom bouncer or inline weight to entice transitioning walleye and fish that are in neutral or negative moods. Vexan Rods' balanced rods ensure you will be able to feel the bite with spooking the fish prior to hookset.
  1. Live Bait: During low-light conditions, present live bait such as minnows or leeches to hungry walleye. Vexan Rods' sensitive tip transmits delicate movements, enticing even the most wary walleye.
  1. Soft Plastics: Mimic prey fish or insects with soft plastic baits for deadly results. Vexan Rods' unparalleled sensitivity detects subtle movements, ensuring a successful presentation underwater.
  1. Blade Baits: Trigger reaction strikes by mimicking injured baitfish with vibrating jigs or spinnerbaits. Vexan Rods' strength and responsiveness allow effective work through various

  2. Hair Jigs: Hair jigs imitate small baitfish or prey with lifelike action. Pair them with subtle jigging techniques for success in spring walleye fishing. Vexan Rods' sensitivity ensures you detect the soft strikes that hair jigs often provoke.

  3. Flies: For a finesse approach, use flies to target walleye in rivers and streams during their spring migration. Vexan Rods' sensitivity and control help you present the fly naturally and respond quickly to strikes.