Tackle Industries & Vexan Limited Lifetime Warranty

TI Musky Rods: Our rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials of construction. This warranty is good for the original owner and non-transferable. You must fill out our warranty card and mail it to us at the below address along with a copy of your sales receipt or proof of purchase for our warranty database within 30 days of purchase. If not, your rod will not be covered by our warranty program. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the rod. This is a no questions asked warranty program but, any modifications to rods will null and void all warranty coverage.Simply ship the damaged rod, prepaid and insured, along with a check or money order for $50 (musky rods) and $40 (kids musky rods), when returning product for warranty evaluation. The lifetime original owner warrant applies to all retail purchased rods and for the original owner only. Tackle Industries reserves the right to repair or to replace the rod and Tackle Industries Rods reserves the right to make that determination.Fill out your warranty cardAll musky rods sent in for warranty evaluation MUST have the following accompany them:1) Copy of your original warranty card (please make a copy before you send us your warranty).2) Copy of your original receipt or proof of purchase.3) Cashiers check or Money order in the amount of $50 for TI musky rods.  If you wish to have Tackle Industries invoice you for the warranty fee plus the cost of a shipping tag please e-mail us for payment instructions. We do have special rates with carriers.5) We do warranty our rods outside of the USA but, you are responsible for all shipping to and from the USA for your broken rod and new rod to be shipped back to you.***If you do not follow any or all of these instruction we will not honor your warranty
Send directly to:
Tackle Industries
17944 Jade Ave
Le Mars, IA 51031
Vexan Rods:
Every Vexan Rod is covered by our no questions asked Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner.First 30 Days Defect Warranty:If your rod breaks in the first 30 days of ownership due to a manufacturing defect we will replace the rod. All you need to do is ship us the whole entire rod and all pieces of it in a disposable tube prepaid and insured to the address below, include a check for return shipping in the amount of $25 and we will ship you a replacement rod. **A receipt or an authentic dated proof of purchase from an authorized Vexan Rods dealer is necessary for this and all claims**Limited Lifetime Warrant If your rod breaks after the first 30 days of ownership simply ship us the broken rod and all pieces of it in a disposable tube prepaid and insured to the address below. Include a check for the amount of the warranty fee plus return shipping. When using this claim we do not care how the rod broke it is a no questions asked policy. Even if you accidentally break it yourself we will still cover it as long as the warranty fee and return shipping is paid. We will not replace the rod unless the warranty fee and return shipping is paid.
**A receipt or an authentic dated proof of purchase from an authorized Vexan Rods dealer is necessary for this and all claims**
**Vexan Rods does not offer any warranty on guides, tip guides, reel seats or handles.**
Replacement guides and tips can be purchased from Vexan Rods. Vexan Rods does not pay shipping for any warranty claim or repairs. Warranty Fees per model:
Vexan ICE Rods $20
Vexan Crappie Rods $30
Vexan Strikeback Rods $30
Vexan Bass/Walleye Rods $75
Vexan Inshore and Big Game Rods $85
PRO Vexan Rods $100
Returns and Exchanges:  All products purchased directly from Vexan Rods come with a 30-day return policy. Within 30 days of receipt of an order, you may return products purchased directly from Vexan Rods for a refund minus a 15% restocking fee. All returned items must be in like-new condition, securely packed for shipment in the original container.Exchanges can be made within 30 days of receiving your rod purchased directly from Vexan Rods, but the rod must be unused and in like new condition. Please package your rod in the same container it was shipped to you and include a $30.00 check or money order made out to Vexan Rods to cover shipping and handling on the rod that we are sending back to you. You will also need to include the difference in the price if there is one between the rod that you have and the rod that you like to exchange for. Before shipping the rod to us please email us and advise us that you sending a rod back for exchanged and also advise which rod you would like it exchanged with. Please note that if the rod that you would like to exchange for is not already built then it may take up to two weeks for you to receive your new rod.
Send directly to:
Tackle Industries
17944 Jade Ave
Le Mars, IA 51031

StrikeBack® warrants to the original retail customer that the rod and/or reel is free from manufacturing defects in material and construction for one year from the dated sales receipt. Vexan will, at our option, repair or replace any defective StrikeBack® rod and/or reel returned to us with postage prepaid* with the same or similar rod and/or reel. This Limited One Year Warranty is limited in value to the original retail value of the StrikeBack® rod and/or reel originally purchased and is solely limited to actual damage to the StrikeBack® product that was originally purchased. If Vexan® determines that the damaged product is not covered by the StrikeBack® Limited One Year rod and/or reel Warranty, we will contact you to provide options for warranty replacement at a reduced warranty charge of an additional $25 to be added to the original $30 sent in with the product.Please note that this warranty does not cover combo damage or loss resulting from angler misuse, abuse, alteration, damage due to not caring for your rod and/or reel, direct or consequential damages caused by attempted or completed repairs by anyone other than a StrikeBack® Authorized Warranty Service Agent, neglect, accident, Act of God, or shipping damages.
*You must send the following back for warranty service:
1) Copy of original online or store receipt Showing the purchase date
2) A $30 Shipping and handling fee (check or money order) must be enclosed with each returned rod and/or reel and can be made out to “Vexan” when returning the combo for warranty consideration. If the rod or reel is determined to be a manufacturing defect then we will ship out a new unit immediately. If the issue was angler error, we will request an additional $25 for a new rod or reel to be shipped out
3) Do not cut up or destroy the rod as it must be returned as-is for inspection. If it is cut up we will determine that it was angler misuse and your total warranty fee will be $55.
Ship to the below address:
Vexan Fishing
17944 Jade Ave
Le Mars, IA 51031
In no event shall Tackle Industries/Vexan Fishing be held liable for incidental or consequential damages due to breach of this warranty or other warranties implied by law. Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts nor do they allow for exclusion of incidental or consequential damages; therefore, the above stipulated limitation and/or exclusion may not apply to you. Should we decide to replace the damaged product, but no longer offer that model, we will replace it with what we determine to be the closest comparable model from our current product line. Rods purchased from liquidation retailers, liquidation sales, eBay or other auction sites do not qualify for warranty coverage. Only full priced sold rods are covered under our warranty program. In the event we discontinue rod production and sale of our Tackle Industries & Vexan rods all warranties are null and void.This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.