Vexan Walleye harness – 48″ Walleye Rigs – Crazy Corn 2-packs


Vexan Walleye harness Walleye Rigs 48″ 2-packs. comes with 14lb mono & GLOW in the dark orange beads.


The Vexan Walleye harness is a valuable fishing tool to any angler’s arsenal. These rigs come with 14lb mono for reeling in heavier catches without breaking. The bold, bright UV colored blades on these harnesses are designed to draw fish’s attention and trigger them into striking. We also add GLOW in the dark orange beads to increase your catch during low light situations. Rig these up with a live nightcrawler for traditional trolling or “snake-rig” a soft-plastic for a deadly zigzag action.

Vexan Walleye harness Walleye Rigs 48″ 2-packs


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