Vexan Ninja Frog Baits


NOTE: We are currently out of stock on all frogs but will be back soon in Summer of 2021 with all new frogs!

Vexan Ninja Frogs Bait:  OWNER Hooks used on all Ninja Frogs!

Vexan Ninja Frog Baits For Bass Fishing. The Vexan Ninja Frog is the most durable hollow flexible frog on the market. Choose from Popper or Swimmer versions all made with OWNER Black Chrome Frog Hooks. Every Ninja Frogs comes with extra long skirts too so you can cut them shorter for your fishing needs. No expense was spared on these quality frog baits for your bass fishing needs.

Choose from Popper or Swimmer versions. We even have our indoor/outdoor Vexan Ninja Frog banners for your man cave!

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