Revolution Reel Seat - First True Ergonomic Fishing Rod Reel Seat

Revolution Reel Seat – First True Ergonomic Fishing Rod Reel Seat




Revolution Reel Seat – First True Ergonomic Fishing Rod Reel Seat

Introducing the first true ergonomic reel seat for fishing rods. The new Revolution Reel Seat by Tackle Industries is an exclusive reel seat that will “revolutionize” the way we fish. Invented and designed in the USA by the Outdoor Grips company to combat an issue that had not been addressed with the current landscape of reel seats. Fishermen commonly suffer fatigue, arm and hand injuries and have from years fishing conventional reel seats.  Outdoor Grips took a look at the casting reel seats that were offered on the market and took a completely different approach in designing this new revolutionary product. By adding a patented handle to the reel seat we can take the angler’s hand from a 15 degree angle to a much more natural position. This relieves stress and creates an ultra-comfortable and ergonomic position where the user can also enjoy the benefits of more power and control over their rod. The ergonomic characteristics of the new reel seats were evaluated using objective and subjective studies. Research in motions of the hand, wrist, and arm was studied while they performed different casts and retrieves. The results obtained revealed that 92% of anglers preferred the new reel seat, reporting less pain and found it easier to hold. The hyperflexion of the wrist required for casting the fishing rod is strongly reduced. The new ergonomic reel seat not only provides important ergonomic advantages but also improves power efficiency when fighting fish.


Size: #16

Use: Casting Reel Seat

Length: 5 inches (13cm)

Barrell I.D.: 0.600” (15.5mm)

  • Increased Casting Distance and Accuracy! Fresh and saltwater applications.
  • Increased Leverage for HUGE Hooksets! Extra barrel length for today’s modern integrated foregrip hoods.
  • All Day Comfort for Less Fatigue! Stay on the water longer with less fatigue.
  • Superior Lightweight Ergonomic Design! Used by Top Guides around the World!ANY ISSUES PLEASE contact us. We take care of our customers 100%. 1Yr full protection warranty from the date of purchase for manufacturing defects!

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