Basic Topwater Tips For Bass Fishing

Basic topwater tips for bass fishing will cover seven different types of topwater lures, the type of retrieval to use on the lure, and what color combinations to use on certain types of days. Buzzbaits – Before I fish a given body of water and I want to use this lure I head to local […]

Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth Bass Fishing The largemouth bass is a freshwater fish. It is actually part of the Sunfish family. Its value to fisherman is honored in various ways in different states. For example, it is Alabama’s state fish. It goes by many names such as Potter’s fish, Florida largemouth, southern largemouth, northern largemouth, widemouth bass, brown […]

Vexan Bass Fishing In Georgia

Bass Fishing… It may be the promise of fun and excitement of bass fishing that keeps many people hooked on it. There are also countless television shows today that concentrate on bass fishing a lot that is why you can’t help learning more about it. Please enjoy reading more about Bass fishing in Georgia from […]

Bass Fishing In Florida Can Be An Awesome Experience

Bass fishing is one of America’s top pastimes. Many people indulge in this activity for their therapeutic wonders. Great relaxation and the exhilarating feeling of catching a big bass is its biggest drawing power. Many memorable times are experienced between friends and family on these Bass fishing trips. Not all states are blessed with having […]

How to Catch Bigger Bass – Tips for Largemouth Bass

If you are looking to catch more largemouth bass and to catch bigger bass then I would strongly suggest that you start using the technique that I have been using for years. Generally tips for largemouth bass will cover a wide variety of methods and techniques. Because largemouth bass are an aggressive and voracious freshwater […]

Bassin’ Basics

Native to North America, the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) is a species of black bass in the sunfish family. The black bass is the state fish of Alabama (official freshwater fish), Georgia, Mississippi, Florida (state freshwater fish), and Tennessee (official sport fish). It is the most sought after freshwater sport fish in the country. Bass […]